Caring about Energy, Environment and Green Economy is at the heart of KSA’s Vision 2030. Energycare strives to develop technologies, products and services to help KSA’s transition to Green Economy.




The advanced economies of the world are moving steadily towards a more sustainable and greener future. 

Our country, as a prominent member of G20 group of nations, is contributing to that goal by steering its economy away from conventional sources of energy, and addressing its carbon footprint thru implementation of strategic programs in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies and Green Transportation. 

As an indigenous Saudi company, Energycare is contributing to KSA’s Vision 2030 by providing our customers with world-class energy efficiency solutions and products, helping KSA energy sector achieve its goals and objectives. 

Energycare and its subsidiaries embarked on this journey a decade ago, working closely with our stakeholders and partners to develop and manufacture Smart Meters, communication modems and AMI systems in the kingdom. 

Energycare’s strategic plan for the next decade is to continue our growth momentum thru diversification of our capabilities, products and solutions in the green energy sector in the kingdom and beyond.



Energy Care Company (ECC) is a subsidiary of Energy Care Holding Group. Established in 2012 in Jeddah, KSA, ECC provides energy efficiency solutions and products for hospitality, residential and industrial clients. 

ECC’s products and services include the design, supply, commissioning and field support for smart metering, energy efficiency and advanced metering infrastructure for utility, residential, commercial and industrial customers in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Region. 

ECC’s manufacturing facility is located in Jeddah, KSA, with sales and support offices in Jeddah and Riyadh. Energycare works closely with its stakeholders and partners to develop and manufacture Smart Meters, communication modems and AMI systems in the kingdom.




Energycare’s most valuable asset is its people. Since its debut, the company has managed to attract an interdisciplinary team of highly experienced, seasoned and motivated AMI and Smart Energy system engineers from local engineering community, complemented with world-class expertise from overseas with decades long executive experience in S/W, H/W and System Engineering from North America and Europe. We have also assembled frontline support teams, with expertise in customer support and field maintenance and operations. Our experienced engineering teams can support a variety of turn-key customer projects, including submetering, smart distribution systems, renewable energies, energy advisory and efficiency services, etc.




We are always on the lookout for engineering, business, operation and sales talent in our local labour market. We have positions available for entry level careers, as well as top experts in the field. If you are interested to learn more about Energycare’s ongoing recruitment opportunities, please reach out to our Human Resource Dept at the following email address:




2012 : Founding of ECC in Jeddah, KSA


2013: Construction of ECC’s manufacturing facility



2014: Joint Venture & Technical Partnership agreement signed with Linyang Energy




2015: Inauguration of ECC Factory




2016-2017: First direct order from Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)

2018-2019: ECC achieves the largest market share for AMI products in the KSA market


2020-2021: ECC participating in SMP project – The Biggest Smart Metering Project In KSA.





Smart Meters

In collaboration with our strategic technology partner, Linyang Energy Company of China, Energy care designs, integrates, validates and manufacturers prepaid and post-paid smart metering systems, fully compliant with applicable Saudi Electricity Company’s latest AMI specifications.



Energy Care has developed a rich portfolio of communication modems, including RF, Cellular and PLC modems, fully compliant with applicable global and local specifications.

PC Software

Configuration, programming and access software has been designed to enable full access, programming and configuration of our products by our utility customers and their subcontractors in the field.

HHU Software

HHU Software is also developed in full compliance with our utility customers, enabling utility engineers and technicians gain full access to our meters’ internal registers and storage for the purposes of programming, configuration and data access.


ECC is a premium supplier and manufacturer of Energy Management and AMI products and Solution that enable Utilities and private customer to digitalize the Energy Management process in monitor & Control.



Technical Data Sheet

NB-IoT Modem User Manual

In collaboration with Linyang Energy Company of China, Energycare has developed a full suite of smart meters, communication modems, gateways and Data Collection Units in full compliance with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Ver 8 specification to be manufactured in our local production facility in Jeddah, KSA.

Smart Meters

Energycare and Linyang can develop and/or customize their existing and future smart metering and communication platforms based on customer specs and requirements. Our engineers can work with you on your local tender spec and make sure solutions are proposed which are fully in line with your market requirements and specifications.

Energycare has established a state-of-the-art AMI test centre in Jeddah. The centre is equipped with latest automatic test benches available in the industry, with local experts and engineers who have had successful track records of testing AMI systems in multi-million nodes volume for local utility customers.




Linyang of China has been a strategic partner for Energycare since its inception. Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 in Qidong, China with a registered capital of $270 million and innovative idea to have an effective role in energy management industry and decentralized power generation. Linyang has continued its success story in domestic and international energy market through more than 150 subsidiaries, more than 500 expert R&D team members and enhanced Smart Grid and Smart Marketing solutions. Linyang was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on 8th August, 2011 representing through stock code 601222.SH. These great potentials enable Linyang to achieve considerable market value.


participated in Saudi Arabia Smart Grid conference since 2012 to 2019 as Diamond Sponsor
ECC participated in SEC Engineering Week, 2014

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