Advanced energy systems in the new millennia are characterized by their pervasive use of Data. That has given rise to the moto “Data is King” emphasizing the role of data as an enabler for advanced and smart capabilities in Smart Cities and Smart Communities, powered by renewable and green sources of energies, green transportation and energy efficiency and energy conservation.



Technology Care believes that the next evolutionary path in Saudi Arabia’s transition to Green Energy & Green Economy is fueled by Data. Successful roll-out of 10 million Smart Meters by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has created an unprecedented opportunity to provide Saudi households with products and services which were not otherwise possible in the past. 

SEC’s Smart Meters generate large clusters of extremely valuable data related to customers’ load profile, real-time consumption patterns, quality of power distribution services, etc. However, at the moment such data is generally used for energy billing purposes. We at Technology Care Company (TCC) of Saudi Arabia believe that we can capitalize on such data to empower and enable Saudi Households to achieve much higher levels of efficiency, reduce energy losses, save their electricity bills, and generally achieve a much lower carbon footprint without compromising their comfort.

 TCC’s innovative software platform creates an ecosystem with an open architecture, enabling 3rd party service providers in the kingdom to plug into this constantly evolving platform and thereby offer their products and services directly to SEC’s energy consumers. TCC’s Data Analytics and Mining Platform is part of our contribution to achieve KSA’s Vision 2030 objectives and goals. We pride ourselves to be a home-grown high-tech company, specializing in advanced software solutions.


Technology Care Company (TCC) of Saudi Arabia is a subsidiary of Energy Care Holding Group, with offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

TCC provides integrated data mining and analytic solutions and services for energy conservation, loss reduction and energy advisory for hospitality, residential and industrial clients.


Technology Care’s most valuable asset is its people. Since its debut, the company has managed to attract an interdisciplinary team of highly experienced, seasoned and motivated AMI and Smart Energy system engineers from local engineering community, complemented with world-class expertise from overseas with decades long executive experience in S/W, H/W and System Engineering from North America and Europe. We have also assembled frontline support teams, with expertise in customer support and field maintenance and operations. Our experienced engineering teams can support a variety of turn-key customer projects, including submetering, smart distribution systems, renewable energies, energy advisory and efficiency services, etc.


We are always on the lookout for engineering, business, operation and sales talent in our local labour market. We have positions available for entry level careers, as well as top experts in the field. If you are interested to learn more about Technology Care’s ongoing recruitment opportunities, please reach out to our Human Resource Dept at the following email address:




Founded the company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Secured Strategic Partnership with Cuculus of Germany to jointly develop advanced software products for the MENA market


Secured Strategic Partnership with EnPlus of China to jointly develop, localize and manufacture full portfolio of smart charging stations for electric vehicles for the MENA market


Embarked on IHD Pilot Project for KSA's Residential Customers

Technology Care

Technology Care grew out of its founders’ desire to help Energy stakeholders in general, and Critical Infrastructure providers in particular, take advantage of ubiquity of energy related data and introduce technologies and solutions into the marketplace, facilitating the emergence of Green Economy, higher productivity, indigenous technological leadership and job creation.

Technology Care was founded by executives involved in KSA and global utility industry with the mission to create an eco-system supporting KSA’s economic growth, technological leadership and transition to renewable sources of energy.

Technology Care’s focus is on Grid Edge technologies and solutions, helping residential, industrial and commercial customers of energy services and products address increasing challenges involved with optimal use of energy-related services and products.




Technology Care provides full line of postpaid and prepaid smart metering systems, comprising of measurement systems, communication modems and headend software systems for electricity, gas, water, BTU, etc.


Technology Care’s cloud-based software enables Saudi households to monitor and analyze the performance of their appliances, and if required take action to initiate preventative maintenance to avoid unnecessary operational and management costs.



Technology Care’s In-Home-Display (IHD) products are designed to provide consumers with quasi-realtime feedback about their consumption profile and cost impacts, thereby enabling consumers to avoid waste of energy, reduce their carbon footprint and therefore reduce their energy costs.


Thru its cloud-based Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Technology Care’s cloud-based software is able to provide consumers with clues, hints and actionable advice on how to reduce their overall energy costs.


Technology Care provides full suite of hardware and management software for various generations of AC and DC charging stations for electric vehicles.






In collaboration with Cuculus of Germany, Technology Care provides full suite of hardware, communication modems and metering data management software for electricity and water submetering applications. Our services covers the full spectrum of supplying any or all hardware (meters + modems), software (HES + MDMS), as well as turn-key submetering billing services at no-cost/no-risk to submetering customers.

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Technology Care and Cuculus of Germany have developed an In-Home-Display technology, fully compliant with Saudi Electricity Company’s Ver 8 Specifications. The IHD can be fitted into any or all smart meters compliant with SEC’s V8 spec, and provide consumers with quasi real time consumption data. In addition, our IHD platform is already integrated with world-class disaggregation technologies, developed by Voltaware of UK. The disaggregation tool provides consumers with a range of optional energy advisory, efficiency and conservation tools.


In collaboration with EnPlus of Germany, Technology Care provides full suite of hardware, customer interface and load-management software for electric vehicle charging stations. Our products cover residential, commercial and long-haul charging applications, for both AC and fast DC charging requirements. Our charging stations are localized for relevant specifications in the MENA region, and manufactured in our factory in Jeddah.







Cuculus GmbH of Germany provides cutting-edge software and technology solutions that address utilities’ challenges worldwide, enabling utilities and their bulk customers to successfully transition to a new era of providing and managing electricity, water, and gas. Cuculus ZONOS IoT Platform is built upon an innovative and cutting-edge technology, providing flexibility, adaptability, and sustainability for utility projects worldwide.



Shenzhen EN Plus Tech Co., Ltd. is a world-class leader in the development and commercialization of innovative charging stations for the EV charging industry, with its headquarter located in Shenzhen, China. Through continuous technical innovation, EN+ has grown to be a professional supplier for EV charging facility and solutions, focused on the markets in the MENA region. EnPlus product line covers portable chargers, AC chargers, DC chargers, ENGATE (gateway) and software platform equipped with OCPP 1.6 protocol, providing smart charging service for both hardware and software.


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